Simple Welsh in an Hour of Your Time


Image of Simple Welsh in an Hour of Your Time

This short book gives you the basics of Welsh in an effective and efficient way, taking as little time as possible. You can use it if you’re a complete beginner, or as a revision aid if you’re already on the road to fluency. Or maybe if you just find yourself in a rut, and would like a bit of help moving on.

The idea is simple; by spending around an hour on this book, with breaks in between chapters, you should be able to master a very simple form of Welsh. A simple form that will let you say what you, or anyone else, is doing, has done, or is going to do, including the negative and question forms.

The book is broken down into six chapters, each taking around 10 minutes to complete and revise. Each chapter has exercises, together with answers at the back of the book.

'Simple Welsh in an Hour of Your Time' is written by professional Welsh-to-adults tutor Colin Jones, author of the epic home-study Welsh course 'Cadw Swn'. This book is the distillation of years of teaching Welsh to adults, and should provide an essential introduction to the language.

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