Free Welsh Vocabulary Booster App


Image of Free Welsh Vocabulary Booster App

Each time you run the app it generates 25 random questions from its bank of over 200. You'll try to pick the correct Welsh word from a selection of three, often with a colourful picture to cement it into your memory. You can listen to the pronunciation of each word too, which can be a great help when you're leaning. We believe that simply having to choose from a set of alternatives will help you learn quicker and smarter. And it’s a lot more fun than rummaging through a dictionary!

Finally, you'll receive your score, and a chance to have 'just one more go'. You might like to think of it as your own personal vocabulary tutor. Ah, but what would a personal Welsh tutor cost?
This app is written and produced in Wales by Cadw Swn, publishers of the revolutionary Welsh home-study course. This app also includes a free audio preview of the course.

Out now for Android phones and tablets and on Kindle Fire devices. Coming soon on iOS.

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