Cwm Gwrachod - A Novel For Welsh Learners


Image of Cwm Gwrachod - A Novel For Welsh Learners

Croeso i Gwm Gwrachod, cwm bach diniwed yn y De.

Welcome to Witches’ Valley, an innocent little valley in the South.

Written by the author of the bestselling Welsh learners’ novel Coed y Brenin, this book should help you expand and improve your Welsh, while being both interesting and entertaining.

‘The events, people and places in Cwm Gwrachod are imaginary, in that they exist only in my mind. The funny thing is that as you read this book they will exist in your mind too, but entirely through the medium of Welsh.’

Available as a printed paperback or a kindle ebook worldwide on amazon. Now also available as an audiobook from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.